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The Grenadines are a convenient flight from Barbados. These islands are perfect for sailing as they lie close together. Pristine water and sugar white sand are their claim to fame and they are known for excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. The Tobago Cays are enclosed within a horseshoe reef and have been designated an underwater park, so snorkeling is superb.



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CURRENCY: The local Eastern Caribbean dollar is fixed to the U.S. dollar at a current exchange rate of $1(USD) to $2.70 (EC). Major credit cards and traveler's cheques are widely accepted, but small vendors and locally owned establishments may only accept cash. US Dollars are also accepted in hotels and some shops
TIME ZONE St Vincent and the Grenadines are in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone, which is four hours behind GMT, ie Britain in winter, and five hours behind Europe. During the winter they are an hour ahead of the eastern seaboard of the USA.
St Vincent and the Grenadines have no daylight saving time, so when the clocks change in summer the island is five hours behind Britain, six behind Europe and on the same time as the eastern seaboard
AIRPORTS: There are several airports in St Vincent and the Grenadines, though by no means all the small islands have them. Your port of entry to the country will depend on your destination island. Be aware that none of the airports can take any plane bigger than a 50-seater and so no scheduled flights come from farther afield than San Juan in Puerto Rico (in the northern Caribbean) or Barbados. In terms of private jets, the runways in Canouan and St Vincent are long enough to receive long distance flights. An airport expansion to receive larger planes in St Vincent itself is projected.

Most of the airstrips in the smaller islands of the Grenadines do not have landing lights, so you can only fly into them during daylight hours, which is a potential problem if there is a delay in your long-haul leg. In summer it is obviously light for longer (till about 7pm), so it is less likely to cause a problem, but in winter it means you are more likely to be stuck overnight in your transit island. Also, in case you just make it but your luggage doesn’t, make sure to carry some tropical clothes in your hand luggage.

The largest airport is on St Vincent itself, ET Joshua Airport (SVD), which is located at the southern tip of the island, at Arnos Vale. This is really the main airport for scheduled flights into St Vincent and the Grenadines. The runway can receive night flights and takes up to 50-seaters.
CLIMATE: In St Vincent and the Grenadines the temperature varies by just a few degrees across the year, usually between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit from winter to summer. The island rarely gets too hot, except occasionally in summer, particularly if it is still for a few days when it can become humid. Generally though, there is a breeze from the trade winds to take the edge off the heat. There are two rainy seasons, a small one in July and the main one in November, but usually the sun comes out after the showers.
ELECTRICITY: The current is 220 volts AC, 50 cycles, except for the island Petit St Vincent which uses 110 volt, 60 cycles. The standard electrical plug has three rectangular pins in UK style, so you may well need an adapter. Some hotels offer dual voltage or transformers, so you are advised to check in advance. Most hotels have 110 volt shaver outlets.
DRIVING LAWS: All drivers are required to hold a local driving licence. Car hire companies sell temporary licences at the time of hiring a vehicle. A valid driving licence is required in order to obtain a local one. Motorists drive on the left in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
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