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Grenada, a 133 square mile island, lies at the southern end of the windward islands in the Caribbean, just 100 miles north of Venezuala. It's interior is mountainous, the highest peak being over 2,750 feet, there are tropical forests and nature trails, while it's coastline is dotted with 45 white and black sand beaches, mangrove forests and coral reefs. Grenada is known for its spices...nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa...and the scent fills the air at Saturday markets. Sailing is popular in Grenada with its numerous secluded coves and inlets. No island structures are allowed to exceed the height of palm trees so you won't find grand high rise hotels dotting the beaches. These friendly people are proud of their quiet, beautiful island.

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CURRENCY: The currency of Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Both Eastern Caribbean and United States dollars are widely accepted in Grenada, and many prices may be quoted in both currencies or just the U.S. dollar. Taxis, vendors, and other small merchants may only accept Eastern Caribbean dollars, and most establishments give local currency when issuing change. Most tourist establishments such as hotels and restaurants accept major credit cards and traveler's checks.
TIME ZONE: Grenada is in the Standard Time Zone (the same as the East Coast USA (GMT -4 hours). There is no Daylight Savings Time.
GETTING TO GRENADA: Many airlines have flights to Grenada's Point Salines International Airport. Air travel is the most popular and fastest way to reach the island, and scheduled flights from cities around the world as well as from other islands in the Caribbean touch down daily.
CLIMATE: The average year-round temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Daily highs usually climb to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and low temperatures, which usually occur at night, stay near 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest months are from June through August. Cooler temperatures characterize the region's winter season, from November to February. Northeast trade winds provide cool, comfortable relief from sultry summer temperatures, so if you travel during the summer, you shouldn't be overwhelmed by the tropical heat.

The dry season falls between January and May, when showers are few and sporadic. The rainy season is June through December, when conditions are more humid, and Grenada experiences some heavy rainfall. Rainfall varies each year, and showers show up in short bursts, so travelers shouldn't be discouraged from visiting during the summer.

ELECTRICITY: The electricity in Grenada is 220 volts at 50 cycles, which differs considerably from the 120 volts at 60 cycles used in the United States. British three-prong plugs are primarily used in Grenada, which are not the same as the double-blade, single-grounding-pin plugs used in electrical outlets in the United States.

Appliances designed to run on American electricity standards will generally require a transformer, adapter, and converter to be used in Grenada.
DRIVING LAWS: Drving is on the left side of the road, as in Britain. You will need to obtain a local driving permit, which requires a valid driver's license from your home country.
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