Barefoot chic Caribbean retreat features 27 luxurious seaside rooms and suites tucked in bougainvillea-draped cottages, bungalows and peak-roofed Balinese beach houses. Villas are 2 or 3 bedroom swith one 4-bedroom villa.

MARINA ROOMS 1/2 Beds | 1 Bath | 300 sq.ft.. Fronted by an inviting veranda, these charming wood-framed rooms overlook the marina and the Cay's less windy seaside cove. Conveniently located nearest the Great House, Tiki Bar, Pineapple House and pool

BEACH BUNGALOWS 1 King bed | 1 Bath | 450 sq.ft Clustered along a secluded expanse of north island coast these are spacious and airy stand-alone suites with lofty 16-foot ceilings. Fronted by private verandahs, these charming shoreline studios are elevated for sunrise & sunset views and feature outdoor showers & baths. Cooled by fans and AC

BEACH ROOMS 1/2 Beds| 1 Bath | 575 sq.ft A few quick steps from the pristine waters of the Atlantic they offer private entrance, fully stocked wet bar including a selection of premium spirits and wines, ensuite bathroom with sea view soaking tub and covered verandah. Connectable for families

BEACH SUITES 1/2 Beds| 1 Bath | 775 sq.ft Nestled in the heart of the island they feature inviting living space, ensuite bath with sea view soaking tub and covered verandah. Fully stocked wet bar including a selection of premium spirits and wines, private entrance. Can connect to Beach Rooms

COTTAGE SUITES 1/2 Beds| 1 Bath | 700 sq.ft Wrapped in French doors and sweeping verandahs they offer expansive ocean views just a few steps from the ocean. Lovely 17 foot ceilings in the sun-washed room with king or twin beds with ensuite baths featuring sea view soaking tubs. Small kitchenettes are fully stocked with selection of premium spirits, wines, snacks, tea

ROSE APPLE VILLA 2/4 Beds| 2.5 Baths| 1400 sq.ft Privately situated with east & west-facing elevated decks with sweeping vistas. Vaulted ceilings, inviting living area. 2 bedrooms

BLUE WINGED TEAL VILLA 2/4 Beds| 2.5 Baths| 1400 sq.ft A few steps away from the water's edge with elevated decks that boast both east & west-facing panoramic vistas. Vaulted ceililngs and inviting living area. Full kitchen. Two bedrooms

DORADO VILLA 2/4 Beds| 2.5 Baths| 1400 sq.ft Sits on a quadrangle of solitude along the coastline offering breath-taking views of the Atlantic. A few footsteps away from the water's edge featuring elevated decks with panoramic vistas, vaulted ceilings, an inviting living area. Full kitchen. Two bedrooms.

INDIGO PALM VILLA 2/7 Beds| 2 Baths| 1400 sq.ft Two master suites with two bathrooms with outdoor showers, it also has two sleeping nooks nestled into the hallways. Breezy common area for lounging and dining. French doors. Full kitchen. Two bedrooms

MAHOGANY & DRIFTWOOD VILLAS 2/6 Beds| 3 Baths| 1675 sq.ft Both offer generous covered verandahs and expansive gardens that fan out to the shore. Palm-shaded hammocks and beachside loungers they are a stone's throw from the sea's edge. 18-foot ceilings. Spacious main suite blends sleeping and living quarters with open kitchenette connnected to a pair of smaller adjoining wings. Each has it's own private entrance and terrace. Spacious ensuite baths equipped with sea view soaking tubs. Each has two bedrooms.

SILVER TOP VILLA 2/5 Beds| 4 Baths| 2600 sq.ft Perched on the highest point of the Cay it comprises four pavilions with stone walls and entire pine tree trunks as exposed support columns. Splendid views both east & west from expansive terraces. Private bedrooms are linked by covered passageways and each has private verandah and ensuite baths with soaking tubs and ocean views. Tucked off the main pavilion and connected by a covered walkway is a third bedroom, a wooden cottage with in-room soaking tub and views of the sea. Three bedrooms

MAGNOLIA VILLA 3/4 Beds| 4/5 Baths| 3600 sq.ft Tucked in a tropical garden it offers 20-foot ceilings throught its open concept living/dining space. Beachfront terrace with panoramic views of the Atlantic. Four ensuite bedroms outfitted with rain showers and lined with French doors and lofty spaces. Spacious Great Room is 1200 sq.ft of living/dining space.

COCOANUT VILLA 2/8 Beds| 4.5 Baths| 6000 sq.ft Two levels with four suites. Vast Great Room with panoramic ocean views lined with French doors opening onto a wide verandah. Open plan living/dining room, offset with full kitchen and wet bar. Two suites are connected to the Great Room. The remaining two are on the upper level

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